Which is most important to you - growing your business or pushing papers?

Do you have enough hours in your day for both?

Make more time for running / building your business and generating more revenue. Let Farries Bookkeeping Services do your books, giving you more time to grow your business and your profits.


Can you find that invoice you need?

Invoices must be issued within 30 days of the date of supply or date of payment. You need to keep up to date with invoicing so that you can make sure you charge your client for the correct work, too little and you will undercut yourself and you will go out of business, over charge and your client will not use you again.

You need to keep on top of your suppliers invoices, and expenses to your business need to be paid on time. Your suppliers may then offer you better terms and prices giving you the flexibility to offer your clients better, more competitive deals.


Has that crucial cheque cleared?

This needs to be done regularly in order to control cash flow as what shows on your bank statement is not your working cash flow as not all payments may not be up to date, i.e. if you have written a cheque and the company has not presented it for payment.

FBS can complete your bank reconciliation every week / month. This helps with cash flow and therefore lower bank charges.

Make sure you have enough money in your account to pay HMRC as they need to have their payments on time, so no late payments will be levied upon your business.


You need to chase unpaid invoices left too long and for a number of different reasons you may never get paid. Also you could be doing a lot of work for a client but if he is not in a position to pay it is none productive for your business, not helping your CASH FLOW.


You need to keep on top of your suppliers invoices, expenses to your business need to be paid on time this will help your cash flow too as once your suppliers see you pay promptly you may be able to negotiate better prices giving you opportunities to give your clients the same offers so giving you more scope with your pricing.


Do you know where the receipts are for your VAT return?

Do you know when your VAT return is due and are you claiming all your VAT back at the correct rates?

Are you paying all the VAT on all your invoices?

VAT returns need to be done quarterly for any business that is VAT registered. Figures are calculated so the VAT you collect and pay can be filed for a refund or a payment as this is a requirement by HMRC.

FBS can inform you when your VAT is due and sort all your relevant receipts and invoices.


PAYE once taken and declared to HMRC needs to paid on a monthly basis and accurately recorded both within your records then kept for a period of 7 years.

Payroll functions are seamlessly integrated with your accounting systems.


Your accountant asks about your end of year accounts. What VAT you have paid and how much you have paid your staff this year?

These reports showing a list of all the ledger accounts (both revenue and capital) contained in the business ledgers. The profit and loss, balance sheet and other financial reports can be produced.

FBS can prepare all your accounts ready for your accountant, potentially saving your company a great of time and money. Accountants charge less if all the information they need is there for them, as this makes their job easier and your bill smaller.


FBS can clear your desk of papers so you come into work with a clear start you can then get on with what you need to do.  

Avoid spending hours looking for that one important document as you can go straight to the file and it is there saving time and MONEY.

Juggling the correct of suppliers can be difficult. Don't run out of essential materials before having to order replacements that may take several days to arrive before essential work can recommence. Correct stock levels increase productivity, and help cash flow.   

“Just like you, my business is growing and I am working in, on, around and on top of the business. I spent my weekends trying to do the books, in between walking the dog, shopping and feeding the kids. Well I knew I was getting in a mess but didn’t know who to trust to sort my “stuff” out - until I met Rose and Farries Business Services. To say she has performed a minor miracle may sound a bit farfetched - please believe me it isn’t. I have since ditched my previous accountant/bookkeeper and brought my outsourced virtual PA services in house to Farries Business Services. I have saved a load of money and time but more importantly I am back in control of the business - I cannot thank Rose enough and have been recommending Rose to everyone I meet.  — David P - May 2015
Rose is a lovely, down to earth, accommodating lady, for whom nothing is too much trouble. She helped me out with my book-keeping at short notice when I needed some serious help, and she was efficient and quick. She kept in touch at all times, was always on the end of the phone if I needed her, and taught me a few time saving tricks. Would highly recommend.
— Lynn - May 2017